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Double Beef & Cheese Sandwich

#10 Double Beef & Cheese 670 CAL

Quarter pound of thinly-shaved roast beef, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & Hellmann's®   mayo

Get to know the Double Beef & Cheese

Get to know the Double Beef & Cheese

Feeling so hungry that you can’t imagine a quick meal satisfying enough to put a dent in your hunger? Watch out — the Double Beef and Cheese punches above its weight. And its weight alone is already pretty impressive, with a whole quarter pound of delicious thinly shaved roast beef wrapped between its layers.

Let’s take a look at all this hearty sandwich has to offer. Perfectly juicy protein to fuel you through the afternoon? Check. Delicious cheese to satisfy your Midwest sensibilities? Check. Lettuce and tomatoes for some #veggiepower? Check. Add a little mayonnaise to round things out, and you’ve got yourself one beast of a meal.

Savor every bite — and when Buddy from the movie Elf comes up and tells you that “you don’t smell like Santa, you smell like beef and cheese…” you hold your chin high and let a proud “thank you” escape your lips.

#10 Double Beef & Cheese | What's Inside?

quarter pound of thinly-shaved roast beef

provolone cheese



Hellmann's®   mayo

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