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The Big KaTuna Sandwich

#3 Big KaTuna 490 CAL

Homemade tuna salad mixed with diced celery & onion, our gourmet "secret" sauce & Hellmann's®   mayo, then topped with lettuce, tomatoes & alfalfa sprouts

Get to know The Big Katuna

Get to know The Big Katuna

Worried about being a little fish in a big pond? Don’t lose any sleep over it — just keep swimming alongside the Big Katuna. If you’re lucky, maybe it’ll even let you in on the “secret sauce” to its success. It’s clearly more than just mayonnaise.

Delicious, carefully crafted, homemade tuna salad mixed with diced celery and onion could be enough flavor all on its own, but the Big Katuna couldn’t stop there. It had to pull out all the stops to really impress the crowds — lettuce, tomatoes, gourmet sauce, and even sprouts of self-esteem are all held between delicious freshly baked bread. That’s one worthy sandwich.

When it comes down to it, the Big Katuna is the top dog on this menu. No one messes with a presence, ego, and taste combination that’s so impressively huge. Now that we think about it… maybe the secret sauce is confidence.

#3 Big KaTuna | What's Inside?

homemade tuna salad mixed with diced celery & onion

our gourmet "secret" sauce & Hellmann's®   mayo



alfalfa sprouts

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