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Turkey Bacon Guac Sandwich

#15 Turkey Bacon Guac 440 CAL

Roast turkey breast, natural applewood smoked bacon, guacamole, spinach & tomatoes

Get to Know the Turkey Bacon Guac

Get to Know the Turkey Bacon Guac

Just close your eyes, and imagine a savory food that guac doesn’t make better. We’ll wait. Oh… what’s that? You can’t think of anything? Don’t worry — we can’t either. Everyone, and we mean everyone, will be “guac”-ing at you when you hold this masterpiece in your hands.

With its perfectly portioned meat and vegetables, the Turkey Bacon Guac is a balanced sandwich packed with superfoods to keep you energized all day long. It’s a meal sure to satisfy every part of your being — guacamole’s healthy fats meet turkey’s lean protein and are complemented by bacon’s crispy, smoky, delightfully indulgent flavor. Come on, you can treat yourself a little bit today.

Finished with bright green spinach and freshly sliced tomatoes, it’s no wonder this sandwich is so confident. We all wish we could be that well rounded.

#15 Turkey Bacon Guac | What's Inside?

roast turkey breast

natural applewood smoked bacon




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