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Stuffing Using Milio's Day Old Bread

Easy Thanksgiving-style Stuffing

This recipe has been regarded as life-changing because of how easy it is. But, with the addition of Milio's famous French bread, this recipe will be regarded as life-changing because of how unforgettably delicious it is. Stop by your nearest…

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Steak Sandwiches With Pesto Mayo

Steak Sandwiches with Pesto Mayo

We're not sure if it's just a Wisconsin thing, but nothing screams Sunday lunch like steak sandwiches. Maybe it's because of the statewide tradition of Prime Rib on Saturday nights at local restaurants. Anyways, this delish steak sandwich recipe is…

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Fried Pickles

Milio’s Fried Pickles

Milio's Kosher Dill Pickles are famously delicious all on their own. But with only a few ingredients, you can turn this fan-favorite side into an unforgettable appetizer. This recipe includes a spicy mayo dipping sauce which will make this dish…

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Bread Pudding Photo

The Best Darn Bread Pudding

Everyone knows that bread pudding is really all about the bread. That means there's really no other way to make it than with Milio's famous Day Old Bread! Pick up two loaves today from your nearest Milio's and get cooking.…

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Spinach Garlic Bread

Milio’s Spinach Garlic Bread

Looking for the perfect side or appetizer for your delicious soup or pasta dish, but want something a little more hearty than garlic bread? Look no futher! This tasty spinach garlic bread is a great way to add some extra…

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