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BBLT Sandwich

#7 BBLT 630 CAL

Natural applewood smoked bacon, MORE BACON, lettuce, tomatoes & Hellmann's®   mayo

Get to know the BBLT

Get to know the BBLT

Once in a blue moon, something will come along in your life that ignites some sort of fire, a passion, a sizzle deep in your soul. We’re not talking about love — no, my friend, we’re referring to the indescribable, irresistible, irreplaceable feeling that only double bacon action can provide.

For the bacon enthusiasts among us — stand up proudly, make some noise — this sandwich is guaranteed to please. A double layer of savory, crispy goodness on top of a bed of juicy tomatoes and crunchy lettuce? No one is strong enough to resist. Good thing you don’t have to.

Whether you need a steady hand to help you through the rest of the day or just want to treat your taste buds for all their hard work surviving “healthy” snacks at work, the BBLT is ready to be your “bb” (that’s like baby, only cooler).

#7 BBLT | What's Inside?

natural applewood smoked bacon




Hellmann's®   mayo

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