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The Godfather Sandwich

#5 The Godfather 680 CAL

Capicola ham, Genoa salami, gourmet Italian dressing, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & onions

Get to know The Godfather

Get to know The Godfather

Loyalty, responsibility, and a willingness to lay it all out on the bread is all you can hope for in a friend, partner, or condiment. I’m going to present to you a meal you can’t refuse… the king of kings, the sandwich of all sandwiches… The Godfather.

Great sandwiches are not born great — they are built great. Layered with Capicola ham, Genoa salami, and soft provolone cheese, The Godfather will send the traditions of Italy flowing through your veins after the very first bite.

With such a great sandwich comes great responsibility. A responsibility to demand respect from those in the cubicle, table, or car next to yours. When they look at you in awe of the culture wrapped between that fresh golden bread, eager eyes begging to snatch the delicious Godfather from your hands — you take one look at them and say, “over my bread body.”

#5 The Godfather | What's Inside?

capicola ham

Genoa salami

gourmet Italian dressing

provolone cheese




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